Newborn Photography

Baby pictures are one the most fascinating pictures on earth. And I think they are the most photographed subject in the world.

All mothers love to have mementoes of their babies, but not all mothers understand exactly how critical these pictures and small memories are until it is too late to capture the moment in time. When you have a baby, it seems nothing will ever erase the moment from your mind, and you’re right – the first few moments with your baby will last in your memories. But it’s the moments that follow that first moment that can be lost no matter how much you promise yourself you’ll remember every detail of her whole precious life.

Our children grow up right in front of our eyes, after one week, after three weeks, after six months – they grow, change and develop and nothing that we can do will stop them.

Newborn babies seem to change every second.  So many times I hear my clients say (2 weeks after their newborn session when they are viewing their images of their 5 day old baby) “I can’t believe how much he/she has changed already, I’m so glad we got these photos!”.

With my first little girl, now being 10 years old, I know how important it is to capture those precious moments you forget over time.  It was so important to me to make sure I did a photo shoot of her at least every 3 months, and now, I am so glad I did.

I even made photo books of these precious memories, knowing that one day my children would start looking through the books and remember all the good memories. if you are the only one taking the photos they will not find as many photographs of you because you were constantly behind the camera asking for their beautiful smiles. I’ll help you to be in more of your of your photos of your kids.

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